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Selezioni Ufficiali 2022

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International Film Competition


A Bite of Bone
by Honami Yano (Japan, 2021, 9’45)

A Body
by Milena Tipaldo (Italy, 2021, 2’10)

A Story for 2 Trumpets
by Amandine Meyer (France, 2022, 5’26)

Anxious Body
by Yoriko Mizushiri (France, 2022, 5’46)

Bird in the Peninsula
by Atsushi Wada (France, 2022, 16′)

Clair De Lune
by Fabio Bozzetto, Diego Zucchi (Italy, 2022, 6’22)

Depths Of Night
by Step C. (Hong Kong, 2021, 12’33)

by Sean Buckelew (USA, 2022, 15′)

Failure to assist a person in danger
by Marc Faye (France, 2022, 3’07)

Footsteps on the wind
by Maya Sanbar, Raga Melo, Gustavo Leal (UK, 2022, 7’14)

by Vasco Sá, David Doutel (Portugal, 2022, 14’08)

Granny’s Sexual Life
by Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard (Slovenia, 2022, 13’40)

by Robert Seidel (Germany, 2022, 5’05)

Inglorious Liaisons
by Chloé Alliez et Violette Delvoye (France/Belgium, 2021, 11’02)

I gotta look good for the apocalypse
by Ayce Kartal (France, 2022, 5’36)

Ice Merchants
by João Gonzalez (Portugal, 2022, 14′)

Letter to a Pig
by Tal Kantor (France, 2022, 16’40)

Lucky man
by Claude Luyet (Switzerland, 2022, 7’50)

Maestrale (Mistral)
by Nico Bonomolo (Italy, 2021, 10’30)

by Jack Gray (USA, 2022, 4’25)

My Father’s Damn Camera!
by Milos Tomic (Slovenia, 2021, 6’40)

by Ahmad Saleh (State of Palestine, 2021, 15’57)

No Wor(l)ds
by Egor Olegovich Kharlamov (Russian Federation, 2022, 1’30)

by Stéphanie Clément (France, 2022, 11′)

by Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina, 2022, 10′)

Projections – Collective animated film
by Beatrice Mazzone (Italy, 2021, 5’49)

Slipping Away
by Gabriel Hénot Lefèvre (France, 2022, 14′)

by Shiva Sadegh Asadi (Iran, 2022, 3’40)

The Boob Fairy
by Léahn Vivier-Chapas (France, 2022, 13′)

The Debutante
by Elisabeth Hobbs (UK, 2022, 8’07)

The Garbage Man
by Laura Gonçalves (Portugal, 2022, 11’50)

The House of Loss
by Jinkyu Jeon (Japan, 2022, 9’34)

The Umbrella
by Claire Ledru (France, 2022, 15’30)

Two Sisters
by Anna Budanova (France, 2021, 14’21)

by Nelson Fernandes (Portugal, 2021, 5′)

Vertebrae lomborum
by Martino Prendini (Italy, 2022, 0’50)

Where the stone will fall (Dove il sasso cadrà)
by Beatrice Pucci (Italy, 2021, 4’47)

Graduation Film Competition


A place in blu
by Seung eon Yi ( Republic of Korea, 2021, 8’40)

by Rona Fayad (Lebanon, 2021, 3’28)

Do Not Feed The Pigeons
by Antonin Niclass (UK, 2021, 8’41)

Family Jewels
by Tilly Wallace (UK, 2021, 2’20)

Fleeting here & there
by Gilnaz Arzpeyma (Canada, 2021, 2’22)

Fly High
by Giuseppina Fais, Lorenzo Pappa Monteforte, Kevin Rosso, Yagiz Tunceli (Italy, 2022, 6’39)

Girl in the water
by Shi-Rou Huang (Taiwan, 2021, 7’20)

Graziano e la giraffa
by Fabio Orlando, Tommaso Zerbi (Italy, 2022, 6’33)

by Tsz-Wing Ho (Hong Kong, 2021, 5’15)

In his mercy
by Christoph Büttner (Germany, 2022, 11’55)

by Leo Černic (Italy, 2022, 7’12)

by Sujin Moon (South Korea, 2022, 06’45)

by Maddalena Brozzi, Sara Moschini, Laura Cagnoni (Italy, 2022, 7’34)

Resting Fog
by Nicolett Fábián (Hungary, 2022, 5’12)

by Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren (Switzerland, 2021, 4’19)

Small Hours
by Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling (Ireland, 2022, 5′)

The clearing
by Daniel Hope (UK, 2021, 12’33)

The Immoral
by Ekin Koca (France, 2021, 4’11)

The potter’s daughter
by Edern Guichard (France, 2021, 8’52)

The uncertain snow
by Marion Boisrond, Marie-Liesse Coumau, Gwendoline Legendre, Ada Hernaez, Romane Tisseau (France, 2021, 6’56)

We are not there tomorrow
by Olga Kłyszewicz (Poland, 2022, 8′)

Wings for Butterflies
by Tilly Wallace (UK, 2021, 3’43)

Music Video Competition


Ad ogni alba (Every Sunrise) by Fiumanò Domenico Violi
animated short 
by Simone Massi (Italy, 2021, 2’30)

Mamour by Odezenne
animated short by Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka (France, 2021, 3’54)

Clinica by Antartica
animated short by Giovanni Montagnana, David Sarappa (Italy, 2022, 2’16)

Lonely by RIM
animated short by Izumi Tanaka (Japan, 2022, 3’05)

Se proprio devo by Giacomo Toni
animated short by Mara Cerri (Italy, 2021, 3’38)

The Last Song On Earth by Shaina Taub
animated short by Gaia Alari (USA, 2022, 3’31)

Solace in structure by Max Cooper
animated short by Donato Sansone (Italy, 2022, 03’18’)

Tick Tock by Aldous Harding
animated short by Chris McDonnell, Aldous Harding (USA, 2022, 3’45)

Children’s Film Competition


Black Slide
by Uri Lotan (Israel, 2021,11’12)

Bo and Trash
by Tatiana Skorlupkina (Spain, 2022, 11’25)

by Quentin Haberham (Netherlands, 2021, 2’15)

Cat and Bird
by Franka Sachse (Germany, 2021, 7’32)

Eye of the whale
by Giorgia Bonora, M. Lucia Schimmenti, Francina Ramos, Tess Tagliaferro (Italy, 2022, 6’37)

Footsteps on the Wind
by Maya Sanbar, Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo (Brazil, 2021, 7’5)

Funny Birds
by Charlie Belin (France, 2021, 30′)

Greece treasures
by Janis Cimmermanis (Latvia, 2021, 11′)

by Solène Bosseboeuf, Flore Dechorgnat, Tiphaine Klein, Auguste Lefort Antoine Rossi (France, 2021, 6’11)

La custodia (The case)
by Maurizio Forestieri (Italy, 2021, 40′)

Laika & Nemo
by Jan Gadermann, Sebastian Gadow (Germany, 2022, 15′)

by Antje Heyn (Germany, 2022, 3’36)

Mussels & Fries
by Nicolas Hu (France, 2021, 26′)

Pater et Filio
by Pablo De Estrada (Argentina-Canada, 2022, 4’16)

Piece of Art
by Erik Verkerk, Joost van den Bosch (Netherlands, 2021, 2’15)

by Mahdi Barqzadegan (Iran, 2021, 6’34)

She Dreams At Sunrise
by Camrus Johnson (USA, 2021, 10’39)

by Jaka Ivanc (Slovenia, 2021, 11’9)

The Boy and the Elephant
by Sonia Gerbeaud (France, 2022, 6’40)

The comfortable indifference of abundance
by Lucas Schiaroli (Argentina, 2021, 4’22)

The Fall
by Desirae Witte (Canada, 2021, 2’21)

by Margherita Abbruzzi, Serena Miraglia, Giada Rizzi, Lara Zizzi (Italy, 2022, 6’58)

by Haochen Du (China, 2021, 4’27)