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Imaginaria Awards 2014

By 31/08/2014Maggio 12th, 2022No Comments

The jury composed by Alessandro Rak, Emiliano Ponzi, Giuseppe Palumbo has selected the following winners of the 12th edition of Imaginaria Awards:

Best Feature Film 


Cheatin’ by  Bill Plympton, Usa, 2013 (76′, without dialogues)

For the visionary ability to tell, without dialogues, a sweeping love story using the traditional technique of animation with an unmistakable, fluid, painterly sign that recalls the great italian painters tradition while maintaining the unique style of the great Bill Plympton..



Best Short Film 

Schermata 2014-08-31 alle 23.30.45Bang Bang! by Julien Bisaro, France, 2014, 12’

For stylistic refinement, impeccability directing, formal perfection never an end in itself, rather measured on every single aspect of a screenplay intriguing and compelling.


Special Mentions

Schermata 2014-08-31 alle 23.32.35

Hasta Santiago by Mauro Carraro, Switzerland, 2013, 12’45”

For the the beautiful artwork of 3D, the taste and the variety of narrative and visual solutions for the authenticity of the story.



Schermata 2014-08-31 alle 23.30.10

The sense of touch by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo, France, 2014, 14’31”

For the quality of sign and design, both in the description of the characters in the atmosphere and scenery. For the ability to describe relationships through looks and gestures.